Has Google Gone Too Far?

May 1st, 2012

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It has been big news on the Internet the last couple of months that Google have been shaking up the serps in their full frontal attack on “web spam”.  Some people go as far to say as this is an attack on SEO itself, which has been the source behine much of the web spam that has been out there.  But not all SEO is about generating spam to manipulate results.  SEO is an important part of web marketing and is essential for a website to rank high in a search for most things on Google.  The main thing in dispute is not SEO itself but the various ways in which SEO is carried out.  There are a plethora of ways in which SEO can be carried out. From link baiting, to link building there are many ways to gain links for a website.  The trend in the last few years is to get automation software that automatically generates content and posts it out to thousands of websites, or blogs.  This fills up the Google index with millions of pages that are effectively complete junk.  Another way to generate backlinks to a website is to write informative articles of unique content and contact renowned blogs and website to have them post your article which contains a link back to your website.

The problem Google has had is distinguishing which is which.  They appeared to have tarred many websites that have had SEO cariied out in the last 12 months with the same brush.  This has resulted in many high quality and relevant websites that were ranking highly getting dropped down to the lower regions of Google where nobody can find them.  And the flip side to this is tany strange results appearing in Google searches.hat there are many websites that aren’t relevant or high quality now ranking well on Google for various keyword searches.  This hasn’t helped the end user at all, and has resulted in m

For example a search for “paypal france” with bring up many results for Viagra: https://www.google.co.uk/search?sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8&q=paypal+france  … I cannot see how this is relevant to PayPal.  The problem that Google are having is huge and i’m guessing they they are thinking that you can’t make an omellette without breaking a few eggs.  But I don’t think Google are finished with their updates yet, and with the apparent rise of “negative SEO” there still may be a few twists and turns to come yet.

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